Sunday, November 30, 2008

defense [di-fens]
resistance against attack; protection; the team attempting to thwart the attack of the team having the ball or puck
Synonyms include: barricade, safeguard, resistance

Dad, Mom and Tin got their Christmas present early this year: a night of Laker basketball. I'd been wanting to do this for them for awhile now but could never really afford it during this time of the year. Thankfully, THIS season I had some leeway. I got my parents some Laker gear to wear tonight, Tin wore my Kobe jersey and I wore #5 for Jordan Farmar (Happy Birthday, Jordie!). I'm all about the the point guards! There's just something about the smallest player on the team who calls the shots on the court that I appreciate; Jordie, D-Fish, Deron Williams, Chris Paul - love them all!
So anyhow, Lakeshow took the game tonight, 112-99 to make their record 14-1. FSN West is replaying the Toronto game where Kobe scored 81 points. I'm watching it right now and I can't believe how different that Laker team looks next to this one. That Kobe even had to SCORE that much to win the game back then cracks me up because that isn't anywhere near what he's doing now. And man, talk about defense-less, as in the Lakers had absolutely none! They seriously might as well have laid out a red carpet to the hoop for the visiting team.They were so much fun to watch tonight though, as fun as it's been these last two seasons.
I love watching games live. It's one thing to be screaming at the tv with my dad, and another thing to be screaming at...well, everything with 18,000 other fans. The guy next to me must've wanted to smack me. I was yelling everything I could possibly yell during the game...

"DE-FENSE!" clap-clap "DE-FENSE!" clap-clap"

"L-O L-O, here we go, here we go!"

"M-V-P! M-V-P!"


"Let's go Lakers, let's go!"

And the most important chant of all?

We almost DIDN'T get our tacos because Toronto reached 99 points. When they hit that last 3-pointer, all of Staples Center gasped, it was hilarious! Hey man, saving 99 cents on two tacos during these hard times is no laughing matter. I've accumulated 7 coupons so far =) I GUESS I can share them...
Good times with the fam tonight! Hopefully I can catch another game this season. I'd like to go to AT LEAST 3 more. Come on...WHO'S DOWN?!

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